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There are several types of makeup mirrors.  Pedestal, Wall Mount, Counter top, lighted, and non-lighted are a few of the deferent ways they are manufactured.  You will find this type of mirrors in hotels, spa, doctors offices, and even movies.  The uses range from applying makeup to providing a relief of back pain form leaning over the counter.

Most optometrist office use makeup mirrors to provide and easy and portable way for customers view frames while fitting.  Top hotels and spa's provide mirrors as guest accessories.

Lighted mirrors provide additional illumination for accurate application.  Lighted mirrors come in pedestal, wall mount, and counter top models.  Most lighted mirrors plug in to a standard wall outlet.  However, hardwired and European voltage models are available.  Mirrors are used for shaving, in the shower and over the sink.  Light mirrors can be anti-fog because the light in the mirror warms the the mirror surface, however, you can not most lighted mirrors in the shower.



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